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Headstone Accessories

With options of plaques, vases, statues, and different coverings, you can browse our wide range of accessories today.

Grave Coverings

Easily maintain and keep your loved ones’ grave site looking good with our different grave coverings.

Plaques and Vases

Choose from brass or stone plaques and vases that allow you to pay special tribute to your loved one.

Statues, Crosses & Lanterns

Statues, crosses, & Lanterns are a great way to celebrate and honour a loved one who has passed. You will be sure to find the perfect tribute.

Laser Etchings

Laser Etchings is a service offered by Feelystone that applies visuals to polished monuments and can be taken from your favourite photograph.

Grave Kerbs & Posts

Our Grave Kerbs & Posts enhance the look of your loved one’s grave and help make the grave as unique as your loved one was.

Pet Memorials

Losing a family pet can be just as distressing and upsetting as any other family member. Feelystone has memorials so you can honour your pets.


Feelystone has been established for over 240 years, supplying quality natural stone products to homeowners and commercial projects across Ireland. Our broad range of products includes Kitchen Worktops, Cladding, Paving and Headstones.

240 + Years in Business

Founded by Christy Feely in 1780, Feelystone not only brings quality craftsmanship but has a robust history with proven success.

Foundation to Completion

Whether your project is new window sills or a full home reconstruction, we’re with you every (stone) step of the way.

Experts in Stone

Spanning 10 generations, we can confidently say that everyone at Feelystone is an expert in stone.

Premium Products

Our premium products are sourced only from trusted suppliers and are quality controlled.

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