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HEADSTONE CLEANING: Feelystone can give you a number of options with regard to the best way of cleaning your headstone.  Each memorial is viewed prior to a quotation as there are a number of ways to clean a headstone ie Sandblasting, power washing, chemical treatment and hand cleaning.

ADDITIONAL HEADSTONE INSCRIPTIONS: Feelystone can add an additional inscription to your Granite, Limestone or Marble headstone.We will look at the existing font type and match it. We also have the expertise to hand cut the inscription into the headstone where necessary.

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Over time, headstones and the grave surrounds become weathered and faded by the elements, leaving the tributes and details of your departed family worn and difficult to read.  At Feelystone we offer a service to clean and refurbish the headstone, surround and the inscriptions bringing your history into focus once again.  We can also put additional inscriptions onto existing headstones.

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