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Aeris’s gentle hues accompanied by cream-colored accents, draws inspiration from White Limestone. This neutral and understated tone enables versatile combinations suitable for a range of environments and architectural designs.


  • High scratch resistance: Aeris is impervious to kitchen utensils
  • Stain resistant: Highly resistant to stains, Dekton worktops are extremly easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fire and heat-resistance: Able to withstand high temperatures, fire and heat won’t do any damage to a Dekton surface.

Care Instructions:
Dekton, Cosentino’s high-performance ultra-compact surface, is composed of a refined mix of over twenty minerals sourced from nature. Employing an advanced mineral particle sintering process, its internal structure is compacted, resulting in a Carbon Neutral surface that boasts exceptional durability and strength.

Your Dekton countertop is resistance to stains, scratches, impacts, and high temperatures from hot objects, while remaining unaffected to UV rays. Its nearly zero porosity ensures peace of mind, making maintenance easier.

Enjoy and share your home without the fear of common stains like oil, chocolate, soap, toothpaste, and more. For such simple and recent stains, follow these steps to clean your Dekton surface.

Step 1: Apply neutral, unscented soap to the affected area and gently rub in a circular motion with a damp microfibre cloth.
Step 2: Leave to work for a couple of minutes. Then, with a cloth, wipe off any soap residue. Finally, dry it with kitchen roll.

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