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Cross Collection

The cross collection at Feelystone is steeped in our Irish heritage and tradition and is a symbol of eternity. Find out more below.

MH 153

MH 454 Antique

MH 457

MH 632

MH 906

MH 2007 Antique

MH 2007

MH 2016

MH 2435

MH 3005

MH 3006

MH 4001

MH 4002

MH 4003

Blue Pearl
Steel Grey
Balmoral Red
Blue Midnight
Star Galaxy

Honouring our loved ones

Ireland is a country steeped in tradition, so it is not surprising that our monuments to those who have passed also partake in those traditions. The Celtic cross and circle are believed to represent the tree and sun and are a powerful symbol of ancient Celts within Ireland. This is why the Celtic cross is still such a popular option of monuments within Ireland and will continue to be for generations to come.

We can work with you to customise your memorial in whatever way you need. We know this experience is extremely difficult, but we will help you honour you loved one in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Celtic cross headstone is a memorial marker featuring a cross with a circle, representing eternity and the connection between the spiritual and earthly realms. It bears intricate Celtic knotwork and symbols, making it distinctively rich in Irish and Celtic heritage.

Celtic crosses serve as powerful symbols of faith, spirituality, and remembrance. They honour the deceased’s Celtic heritage and express themes of continuity, eternity, and the cycle of life.

Yes, Celtic crosses can be personalised with engravings, symbols, or epitaphs that hold special meaning for the departed. Families can incorporate elements that represent the person’s interests, personality, or religious beliefs.

Celtic cross headstones are typically crafted from durable materials such as granite, marble, or bronze. These materials allow for intricate detailing and ensure the memorial withstands the test of time.

Yes, Celtic cross headstones can be chosen by families of diverse backgrounds who appreciate the cultural and spiritual significance of the symbol. They are embraced by people worldwide as a timeless and meaningful tribute to their loved ones.

Absolutely. Celtic crosses blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary memorial designs. Their rich symbolism and timeless beauty make them versatile choices for various cemetery settings.

Yes, there are various design variations of Celtic crosses, ranging from simple and traditional to elaborate and ornate. Families can choose from different sizes, finishes, and details to create a custom memorial that perfectly honours their loved one.

Celtic cross headstones require regular cleaning using mild soap and water to preserve their beauty. Periodic inspections and any necessary resealing can help maintain the integrity of the memorial in different weather conditions. Contact us for more information on our cleaning and inscription services.

Yes, Celtic crosses can be combined with other memorial elements, such as plaques for additional inscriptions or vases for floral tributes. The flexibility of design allows families to create comprehensive and heartfelt tributes.

Headstone Ornaments Services

From laser etchings to custom plaques, we can help you ensure you have everything you need without adding to your burden.

Laser Etchings

Laser etchings can be added to polished headstones to bring a personal touch to your memorial.

Plaques and Vases

Find a variety of stone and brass plaques and vases, all there to help you pay special tribute to your family or friend.

Grave Coverings

Effortlessly preserve and enhance the appearance of your dear ones’ final resting place with our diverse selection of grave coverings. Discover more details or reach out to place an order. Explore the various options available and select the grave covering that aligns perfectly with your preferences. Should you have any inquiries or special requests, feel free to get in touch with us. We are here to assist you in honouring and cherishing the memory of your loved ones.

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