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512 Transcenda


Dramatic marbling and bold veining create an organic aesthetic with dusted grey clusters surrounded by whiter areas, resulting in a daring neutral derived from nature. Nuanced undertones punctuated by white highlights soften the overall effect, all presented in an Ultra-Rough finish. This bold composition captures the essence of organic beauty with its dynamic interplay of grey clusters, white areas, and nuanced undertones. The Ultra-Rough finish adds a tactile dimension to the surface, enhancing its natural and textured appeal. The result is a daring yet refined neutral aesthetic that draws inspiration from the richness of nature.

Care & Maintenance:

Caring for your Caesarstone worktop is a straightforward and essential task that ensures its longevity and pristine appearance.
Follow these simple steps for optimal maintenance:

Easy Cleaning:
Keep your worktop pristine with a splash of warm, soapy water. This simple method removes daily dirt, maintaining the surface’s natural shine effortlessly.

Preventing Patina:
Wipe away liquid spills promptly to proactively prevent patina development. This not only safeguards the surface but also preserves the aesthetic appeal of your Caesarstone worktop.

Stain Removal:
For stubborn stains, a gentle rub with an approved cleaner does the trick. Follow with a thorough rinse to ensure your worktop looks good as new.

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