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Statues, Crosses & Lanterns

Choose from brass and ceramic, and stone crosses, statues, and lanterns.

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Headstone Ordering Process

Need to order a headstone? The process is easier than ever, and with 6 simple steps, you will have a beautiful and bespoke headstone to honour your loved one.


Choose a collection

With 6 different collections to choose from, this can be overwhelming. Narrow it down by going through all of them and seeing which one suits you best.


Choose a headstone

Once you have chosen, a collection is now time to narrow it down to a particular headstone. Each headstone has its own unique code. Note down which one it is you are looking for.


Personalise it

Many people choose to personalise their headstones with laser etchings or a bespoke design. Choose what personalisation you want on your headstone.


Choose a Grave Covering

Grave coverings are different types of pebbles or artificial grass that you can choose from. Each grave covering has its own unique code. Note down which one you are looking for.


Find accessories

There are different types of accessories that can be added to headstones, such as plaques, vases, and statues. This is an optional step but having accessories can bring the essence of a personality out.


Contact Feelystone

Now that you have chosen your headstone, covering and accessories, you can contact us by calling or making an appointment, and we will work with in honouring your loved ones’ life.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Get in touch

If our options above don’t suit your needs, please reach out to us, and we will do our best to help you through this time. If you need to see different options, we can show you some examples of different headstones to better help you visualise them.

We can also work with you to customise your memorial in whatever way you need. We know this experience is extremely difficult, and while we can’t ease the grief that you are going through, we can, hopefully, help you find the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Cleaning & Inscription

Something that is not often thought about is the cleaning and inscription of gravestones. At Feelystone, we offer a cleaning and inscription service so that your loved ones’ graves will never fall into disrepair. This service is done with dignity, sensitivity and care, as we know this a difficult task to take.

Reach out today to find out more about this service and see how you can work with Feelystone so that your loved one’s grave remains clean and tidy.

Download Inscription Examples View Popular Verses

Headstone Accessories

With options of plaques, vases, statues, and different coverings, you can browse our wide range of accessories today.

Headstone Ornanment Services

From custom plaques to prayer statues, we can help you ensure you have everything you need without adding to your burden.

Grave Kerbs & Posts

Our Grave Kerbs & Posts enhance the look of your loved one’s grave and help make the grave as unique as your loved one was.

Plaques and Vases

Find a variety of stone and brass plaques and vases, all there to help you pay special tribute to your family or friend.

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