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Treatment Products.

Treatment Products

Keep your stone clean and fresh with our range of Stone Treatment products including cleaners and sealers.

Stontex all in one outdoor cleaner

Stontex all in one cleaner is a fast acting, high performance moss, algae and lichen stain remover for outdoor surfaces such as natural stone paving, concrete driveways and paths.

Stontex cement away cleaner

Stontex cement away cleaner is a safe acid used for removing grout film, lime mortar and cement residue from both internal and external surfaces. Can be used on acid resistant surfaces such as ceramic. Not to be used on limestone or marble.

Stontex green to clean

Stontex green to clean is an environmentally-friendly cleaning product formulated for the removal of moss, algae, mould and fungi from natural stone.

Stontex limex cleaner

Stontex limex removes limescale and water marks from surfaces such as taps, bathroom surfaces and kitchen surfaces. The limex leaves a resistant coating behind to help prevent further staining. Not recommended for us on acid sensitive natural stone, for example marble, limestone.

Stontex multi clean

Stontex multi clean is an ongoing maintenance cleaner and due to its PH neutral qualities is suitable on all surfaces including terracotta, ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Stontex oil spot remover

Stontex oil spot remover is a specially formulated cleaner to remove patches of oil and grease. Oil Patch Remover comes in an easy use spray bottle and it is suitable for use externally on natural stone and concrete paving.

Stontex rejuvenator spray

Stontex rejuvenator is a rejuvenating spray for cleaning and protecting stone counter tops.

Stontex rust off cleaner

Stontex rust remover is a ph neutral cleaner for removing rust and discoloration from all types of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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